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Welcome to my blog. I could write about anything, but immigration issues will be one of the largest policy hurdles to overcome in the coming decades. With that complex problem in mind, you would think that there would a complex policy to handle to this, but you would be wrong. America needs a new immigration and citizenship system to handle every displaced person in the United States. Without some sort of modern policy plan and law, then the United States of America will become a complicated place to live.

As a student studying policy and their related issues, main stream topics like immigration have come into the spotlight, but the real problem lies within our immigration policy. The politics and message behind our process are greatly misunderstood which casts a shadow over everyone’s diverse culture. The policy in place does account for modern problems, nor does it take into account the possibility of future problems in the United States.

If you are interested in other policy related issues please check out my blog. I provide one aspect on the large issue of immigration policy, but any policy maker is free to use my ideas here to commit to much needed change. 
Jon Small is a Political Science and Communication Studies Double Major at Chapman University with an interest in Public Administration and Public Policy.