What can be learned?


PC: Jon Small

One of the biggest lessons that I can take away from me experience in the class about how writers approach diverse cultures and how they represent diverse cultures is through a variety of ways. However, there is one main idea that connects a point of what everyone had to say:you are not the sole voice or reason for any culture. Here, anyone can say and write anything, but everyone must be aware of the word’s consequences and context. I have learned as a writer, academic, and human that everyone’s story, voice, and culture have great significance, and that I should never stop searching for that significance. I learned a lot about different theories and personal stories that I did not expect for this class in the beginning. For example, “ Speaking should always carry with it an accountability and responsibility for what one says,” from Linda Martin Alcoff has really stuck with me. This has caused me to separate words and people to just people’s words. Another writer, Savy Janssen wrote,All cultures are naturally diverse; each is unique to its place of origin. Thus the term “diverse cultures” is redundant, and problematically highlights that these cultures are not just different from each other, but different from something.” This idea has been with me since the beginning and constantly works at the true meaning of diversity. Some of the goals that I set for the semester were out of the scope of class, but I was able to able to work at the idea of better blog posts and having a better written pieces. I thought we were going to learn about one model or theory that a perfect diverse community would be, but if this did somehow happen, it would not have been about diverse cultures.


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