Why echo experience?


I want to have a space online that anyone can access and use a starting point to figure out why each individual experience matters in the United States and how policy makers can transform diversity into a meaningful policy plan that incorporates everyone. In this way, my blog formed as a simple classroom assignment, but has moved beyond into a rational appeal for change.

In a simple idea, echo experience is asking for thoughts on policy proposals like immigration and being able to to hear what comes back to take that into effect. The only way for the policy to work well for everyone, is that everyone is open to new ideas, especially the experiences that everyone has had. This way every diverse idea is included.

Why did I enroll in this class?

The main reason I enrolled in this class was to fulfill a requirement for my English minor in the form of an elective. Now, I could have picked any elective, but this class caught my interest for two reasons. I have never been formally taught about diversity in school and wanted to find out what diversity meant to the world and me. The other reason directly relates to the election of President Trump and how diversity applies to him and the political culture. I want to learn about a “PC” way of writing diversity of if any writing can apply.

Specific Techniques

  1. I would like to explore the main differences in cultures that make others seem hostile.
  2. I would like to explore writing high quality informal writing.
  3. I would like to experiment with different culture writing rules.
  4. I would like to experiment with idea of comparing politics and diversity.
  5. I would like to work at writing the best blog posts that I can.


  1. I am of white race so I might use a flag of Ireland and Scotland since that is where my ancestors came from.
  2. I am from lower middle class, so I would use a picture of fractured dollar sign.
  3. I consider myself an environmentalist, so I would a picture of the Earth.
  4. I am an atheist, so I would use a picture of a microscope.
  5. I am a student pursuing two BA’s so I would use a picture of a library.

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